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Securaze Mobile is the only Common Criteria Certified solution designed specifically to aid our high-volume processors with data erasure, repair, remanufacture, recycling and reselling mobile devices. Our technologies help our customers optimize lean processing standards enabling maximum throughput while increasing overall profitability and reducing associated costs.  

With our unique, ground-breaking architectural design we help our clients with thorough device diagnostic testing (coming soon) and a third-party certified audit trail.


Global Carriers & Service Providers / Buy-Back & Trade-In

The Securaze Mobile solution is an integrated part of the ground-breaking Complete Operations by Securaze.  This next generation platform is built from the ground up with the latest modern technology. 

Our technology allows accurate diagnostic (coming soon) features to determine the right price for your device. Securaze Mobile is the only mobile erasure solution in the world to be certified with Common Criteria EAL2+ you will need.

Advantages of using

Securaze Mobile

  • Only mobile erasure certified by Common Criteria EAL2+, ADISA and TUV
  • Simple setup on Windows or Mac systems
  • Ability to process 60+ devices concurrently
  • Modern UI, backed by deep UX to increase UPH by operators and
  • simplified onboarding
  • Comprehensive list of erasure algorithms to address industry standards, including NIST, SEC, DoD and more
  • Live Remote Support via Securaze, Partner or Internal Operations Teams with permissions
  • iOS Parts Validation on up to 16 serialized components - identification of OEM vs. Non-OEM parts
  • Tamper-proof erasure and diagnostic reports with full audit trail and secure geotagging
  • 3rd Party Auditor permissions
  • Native FMiP (Find My) and accurate MDM/DEP identification
  • 3rd Party data integration for Blacklist, Carrier ID, SIMLock, Warranty Status, TAC info and more
  • 2-Way Open API for integration with ERP, WMS, AMS or 3rd party systems

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