The mobile app that extends Securaze’s suite of solutions, to allow monitoring, auditing, erasure and diagnostic management on the fly.

The Securaze Motion App

The Securaze Motion App is a fresh approach, ditching the need for dongles to provide operators the utmost convenience. Operators can capture and merge pictures and videos of assets to reports, check license balances, perform offline erasure, and so much more. Motion puts the power in your operators' hands.

Advantages of using

Securaze Motion

  • Available on the Apple or Android Store at no cost.
  • Provides a live status overview of the asset progress on the Motion app.
  • Simple scan of QR provides instant access to device detail and technical information.
  • Merge photos, videos and audio files with the associated asset report.
  • Enables offline erasure.
  • Available on all mobile device OS.

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