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The ever-expanding number of devices - be it laptops, PCs, external hard disks, tablets, or mobile phones - contain sensitive data that can pose a critical risk to your organization. Are you securely and permanently erasing the data on time? Securaze helps with secure data erasure and diagnostics of all your devices and provides a tamper-proof erasure report.

With Securaze, you can

Stay compliant with industry standards

Industry Standard

Protect internal and external sensitive data

Sensitive Data
Drive erasure

Erase and diagnose devices at scale

Reducing E-waste

Practice sustainability by reducing e-waste

Securaze delivers complete data erasure solutions with a wide range of products

Completely erase and sanitize your laptops, PCs, servers, storage devices, and drives. Ideal for enterprises and government organizations.

Securely erase sensitive and critical data from remotely used Windows devices, such as PCs, laptops and notebooks. Ideal for organizations with remote employees.

Receive a compliant, secure, and tamper-proof erasure report for smartphones and tablets at scale. Ideal for organizations that work heavily on mobile devices.

Our solutions are designed to generate value, increase sustainability, and meet your needs

Use easy-to-deploy, industry-specific solutions

Our data erasure solutions are tailored to address industry-specific use cases. No matter what field your organization is in, Securaze helps you stay compliant with all relevant regulations.

Benefit from our user-centric Dashboard

Our Dashboard provides an all-encompassing, detailed view of assets, erasure, and diagnostic information. It can be customized to showcase relevant information to different users.

Elevate your sustainability practices

Many organizations tend to destroy their devices physically to ensure data removal. Our solutions are an environment-friendly software alternative for data erasure and protection.

Reduce vulnerabilities with assurance

Our value-added solutions, including our highly-secure erasure algorithm, smartphone application, dashboard, and data center, facilitate a full life cycle model for your assets.

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We rely on Securaze solutions to securely, efficiently, and certifiably delete all notebooks and smartphones no longer used internally by A1, before they are recycled.

Securaze has significantly simplified our handling of end-of-life technology. We can manage, centrally, when and how we can delete the data on any of our devices before they are recycled or refurbished.

Through Securaze's solutions, we ensure a GDPR-compliant, certified, and secure erasure of all data on our IT equipment when it is end-of-life or replaced.

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