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Securaze Complete Ops -
Any Device. Anytime. Anywhere.

Take charge of your data protection and asset management.

Seamlessly handle data erasure, compliance, diagnostics, and management of localized devices.

Tackle data erasure and diagnostics for remotely used devices effortlessly and swiftly.

Achieve endpoint security and perform health checks on your smartphones and tablets from start to end-of-life.

The Securaze Touch

Our industry-leading solutions have been meticulously designed to ensure security, compliance, sustainability, and efficiency.

Securaze Touch

All data erasure and diagnostics information in one place.

The critical core of our operations, the Dashboard, provides a complete overview of all your data erasures and diagnostics, asset overview, user management, reports, KPIs, and much more Access, monitor, and manage operations from a centralized repository.

An intuitive smartphone app for ease of access to critical asset information.

All of our operations are at your fingertips! Our smartphone app, Motion, facilitates monitoring, auditing, and asset management on the fly. Available for iOS and Android devices at no additional cost.

Deploy Securaze Work images to multiple devices simultaneously.

Perform ITAD services on a single machine without being an IT expert: The Securaze Command serves as a centralized tool for deploying Securaze Work images via PXE boot to devices connected to a local network.

Erase data on loose drives in Datacenter environments.

Refresh your server, storage systems, and loose drives by wiping all confidential data. Manage the confidential data erasure for all your storage devices and conduct successful and compliant asset migrations.

Industry-leading certifications for complete assurance

Our products strictly adhere to industry best practices and government standards, and we have received certifications from key industry and government organizations to validate our compliance.


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CSA Singapore

CSA Singapore

Product Adisa claims

Product Adisa claims



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