Secure data erasure solutions across industries

Seamlessly manage and erase device data and stay compliant with your
industry standards

Erasing Drives

Data sanitization solutions tailored to
cater to your unique industry needs

Today, most industries deal with large volumes of structured and unstructured client data. Such sensitive and critical information must be completely unrecoverable from devices that need to be disposed of, reused, or sold. Moreover, compliance standards must be followed as per specific industry requirements. Partner with us to optimize data erasure and asset performance and avoid liability issues. No matter what industry your organization is in, Securaze helps with compliant and tamper-proof data erasure solutions. Increase trust, transparency, and confidence among your clients.

Data sanitization

Industry-centric data erasure solutions

Complete sanitization

Complete sanitization of confidential

Data protection

Compliance with data protection &
privacy requirements

Easy and smooth management

Easy and smooth management of
asset resale

Proactive diagnostics

Proactive diagnostics that reduce
electronic waste


Prevention of unauthorized or
malicious data access


Whether you are a private practice, clinic, or public hospital, we help you protect patient information with our erasure solutions.


Protect your intellectual property and customer information, and ethically manage the reselling or recycling of your devices.


The volumes of classified government assets and devices may be enormous but we ensure cost-effective and complete sanitization.


Stay compliant with the numerous, ever-changing regulations in the financial sector, and ensure the timely erasure of classified information.

E-commerce & Retail

Securely erase purchase, customer, location, and other proprietary information and prevent third-party data leakage or breaches.


As electronic asset resellers and refurbishers, you need to make sure that all products are thoroughly erased and sanitized.

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