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Simple data erasure

Securaze - Tailored to meet your requirements

At Securaze, we prioritize our end users - you - in every step of our product development. We strive for a simplified and streamlined user experience across all our products, with specific offerings designed for different assets. With different products for different assets, an easy-to-use Dashboard, and a minimal requirement of an internet connection and login credentials, Securaze guarantees a one-stop destination for all your data erasure, asset management, and diagnostics requirements.

Complete solutions at your fingertips

How you benefit from Securaze
Easy access

Asset overview, erasure and diagnostic reports, KPIs, user management, account balance overview - all from the one-stop Dashboard

Online and offline operations

Quickly obtain asset information with the help of the Motion App on Android and iOS

Data security

Role-based access and permission control with our customized guidelines prevent unwanted data leaks and breaches

Versatile solutions

From on-premise devices to remote and mobile, data erasure is made easy with Securaze

Introducing Securaze’s Dashboard

Experience the power of synchronized workflows and efficient data management with the Dashboard, as it empowers you to streamline processes, save time, and achieve optimal results. Our Dashboard provides an intuitive and user-friendly experience, accessible on both desktop and mobile browsers. It offers a comprehensive overview of every erasure and diagnose process, allowing you to monitor the status of your assets effortlessly.

Securaze’s Dashboard

You decide who can access what data

Securaze’s Dashboard
Role-based access to maximize data security

At Securaze, we understand the importance of data security, which is why our products are equipped with role-based access control. This provides companies with an additional layer of security and control over who can access sensitive data. With role-based authorization, you have the flexibility to define specific user roles by adding or removing permissions. This ensures that only authorized personnel can perform actions like erasing data, viewing logistics, managing assets, downloading reports, and more. By utilizing this feature, companies can enhance their data security and minimize the risk of unauthorized access or data breaches, thus providing peace of mind to both employees and customers alike.

How does our Dashboard help you?

Easy accessibility

All the essential information about your processed assets is stored in one centralized location, simplifying your in-house management. Additionally, you can generate tamper-proof PDF reports and print out labels with important details for each asset, ensuring easy and accurate asset tracking.

Easy accessibility

Valuable insights

Our comprehensive Dashboard provides you with valuable insights into your team’s productivity, KPIs, throughput, and success ratio. This allows you to make data-driven decisions and ensure that your daily workflow is optimized for maximum efficiency.

Valuable insights

Unlimited staff accounts

The Dashboard securely stores user information, allowing you to create an unlimited number of staff user accounts. Each account can be assigned to a carefully designed role, ensuring the highest level of safety and access control.

Unlimited staff accounts

Customized settings

The Dashboard acts as a centralized operational station, allowing you to customize and preset all your settings to save time and tailor workflows to meet your specific needs. It offers seamless integration with external systems, enabling real-time data transmission.

Customized settings

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