Be confident with Securaze’s complete diagnostics & erasure

We perform permanent erasure and verify that your device data is
completely unrecoverable

Erasing Drives
Device Summary

Agile, swift, and scalable

Seamlessly erase structured
and unstructured data

Enterprises require solutions that are both agile and scalable while maintaining a strong focus on data privacy. Securaze employs advanced techniques to expedite local data erasure across multiple devices.

User-centric Dashboard

Empowering users with erasure
and diagnostic information

Securaze Dashboard provides an unmatched user experience with an overview of all your data erasures and diagnostics. Our custom reports and KPIs help you stay informed at all stages of the process.

User-centric Dashboard
Tamper-proof audit trail

Tamper-proof audit trail

Stay consistently compliant
with proof of erasure

All our customers are issued tamper-proof erasure certificates that clearly catalog asset details and data erasure and diagnostic information. They can also be easily accessed via Motion app for audit purposes.

In-depth device diagnostics

We deliver much more than
surface-level scans

Our thorough diagnostics and asset scans allow you to proactively resolve device issues. You will improve productivity, reduce operational costs, and minimize e-waste by utilizing devices until the end of their usable lifespan.

In-depth device diagnostics

Expert insights on data erasure, compliance & protection

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