Remote Operations
by Securaze

You have employees working off premises? Erase data on their Windows devices
anytime, anywhere - hassle-free! Learn how Securaze Remote can
assist you.

Remote Operations

Stay compliant and secure,
even when remote.

As more employees continue to work remotely, it has become increasingly important to ensure that sensitive information about your business, customers, and employees remains secure. However, transporting devices containing sensitive company data from employees' residences back to the office poses a high risk of loss or theft. Don't take chances with your valuable information! With Securaze Remote, you can securely erase data from Windows desktops and notebooks before they leave the safety of the employee's home.

Enterprises can now rely on Securaze Remote Operations for a certified data erasure service that can be performed on Windows devices outside the office. This service comes complete with a tamper-proof audit trail and ensures that devices are properly sanitized prior to their return, resale, repurposing, or disposal. With this remote erasure solution, IT teams can rest easy knowing that their sensitive data is secure and that electronic waste pollution is minimized.


Erase data remotely with confidence

No matter the physical location of the device, any and all data can be erased
securely and efficiently with Securaze Remote.

Optimized for easy user-experience

Securaze offers a modern and user-friendly interface for easy remote erasure. With custom presets and automation, it requires no technical expertise. It's optimized to be operated with just a few clicks, making it the ideal solution for remote erasure tasks.

Digitally-signed, tamper-proof erasure reports for auditing

Stay compliant with local, regional, and global data protection regulations. Our tamper-proof certificate is easy to access and can be customized. Furthermore, you will only be charged for successful erasures - and we offer a 30-day redemption period as well.

Guaranteed maximum data security

Eliminate data-in-transit risks by erasing data at the source. Get tamper-proof reports with GDPR compliance and industry certifications. Pre-installation option is available for easy asset deployment.

Why use
Securaze Remote?

Our intuitive, secure, and complete erasure of data on remote Windows devices is unmatched.

An intuitive build that promises ease of use

  • Simple distribution of erasure software via multiple channels
  • Zero-touch point erasure automation with gated credentials
  • Automated update service and automated shutdown
  • Easy step-by-step process for end users to follow

Maximized security of data

  • Meet local, regional, and global data protection regulation
  • Stay secure with two-factor authentication
  • Maintain GDPR compliance
  • Utilize central monitoring and control systems

A complete package of services

  • Integration with AnyDesk to provide remote support
  • High security and hardware compatibility
  • Meet DoD and NIST erasure standards
  • Comprehensive help and support

Learn what our customers have to say about Securaze Remote

Markus Grasel
Markus Grasel

Head of Workspace at A1

Mag. Dieter Jandl
Mag. Dieter Jandl

CEO at addIT by Atos

Markus Sparer
Markus Sparer

ÖBB-Business Competence Center

We rely on Securaze solutions to securely, efficiently, and certifiably delete all notebooks and smartphones no longer used internally by A1, before they are recycled.

Securaze has significantly simplified our handling of end-of-life technology. We can manage, centrally, when and how we can delete the data on any of our devices before they are recycled or refurbished.

Through Securaze's solutions, we ensure a GDPR-compliant, certified, and secure erasure of all data on our IT equipment when it is end-of-life or replaced.

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