We provide industry-leading software that maximizes the valuation of electronic asset recovery while protecting consumers, businesses & the environment.

Our portfolio of integrated tools of asset diagnostics, management, and certified data erasure means security and compliance teams can streamline and optimize operations across the data lifecycle to secure and properly sanitize company data regardless of the device or location.  

“The total value of all this discarded as e-waste in 2019 has been conservatively valued at US$57 billion (£45 billion) – a sum greater than the GDP of most countries.”

— The World Economic Forum 

The story

After dealing with the frustrations of today's current erasure offerings, the founders decided to build a platform designed to optimize the processes that were slowing them down or putting their organization at risk.

The entire platform was designed with the end-user in mind to optimize operations and secure data across the lifecycle regardless of the device or location.  



Vienna, Austria

The founders developed an integrated solution to ensure security teams could eliminate:  


Wasted licenses

Unlike other data erasure providers, Securaze only charges for successful erasures.


Electronic Waste in the Environment 

WIth a TUV-certified erasure process that comes with a tamper proof audit trail, you can sanitize every asset for reuse, resell or repurpose.  



Our flexible solutions integrate seamlessly into your current asset management process and have real-time support, removing barriers to a successful erasure.  



Global asset visibility with centralized monitoring and management for quality control and certification management customized for your business needs.

Meet Our Board of Directors

Marcus Trunkenpolz

Co-Founder & CEO of SECURAZE AG

Marcus graduated with Masters of Infomatic and Economics from the University of Vienna. Since then, he has founded multiple IT companies in the Europe region. He is committed to fill up the industry gap in data erasure and asset diagnostic.

Patrick Clawson

Director of SECURAZE AG

Patrick is no stranger to the global cybersecurity scene. He is a veteran with 20 years of experience in the tech industry. With his leadership skills, Patrick strives to bring change to the market once again to the data sanitization industry.

Markus Heiss

Co-Founder & CTO of SECURAZE AG

Markus has more than 20 years of experience in the development scene, Markus is no stranger to project management and software architecture. He is currently leading the development team in Securaze, fueled by passion to create the best cybersecurity solution.

Ernst Schöny

Co-Founder of Securaze AG

Ernst is an entrepreneur running several companies ranging from IT, investment, and consulting. He is currently sitting as the advisory board member of Securaze AG. Graduating from IT and management consultancy with more than 30 years experience in the industry.

Meet Our Leadership Team

Marcus Trunkenpolz

Co-Founder & CEO of SECURAZE AG

Markus Heiss

Co-Founder & CTO of SECURAZE AG

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Nickson Lim

Regional Director, APAC

Nickson has been in the Secure Data Erasure industry for 10 years, specializing in advising Private and Public sectors to achieve the industry’s best practice in data privacy. He has worked with ITADs, Mobile Processors, top enterprises and the governments of Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Brunei.

CEO of Securaze EMEA

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