Certifications, Approval and Validation. 

We cover a wide range for certification and approval from Private sector to Public sectors globally.

Securaze has undergone a rigorous and professional cyber security evaluation recognised by government and independent cyber security organizations. Below are the approved and recognised certification.

Our Certifications



Common criteria is recognised internationally by 31 countries globally and the purpose is to ensure that evaluations of Information Technology (IT) products and protection profiles are performed to high and consistent standards and are seen to contribute significantly to confidence in the security of those products and profiles.

Securaze Erasure Engine is the main driver within Securaze solution that has been certified with EAL2+. This certificate and approval has ensured that our Securaze Work, Remote and Mobile solution is clear with Common Criteria’s laboratory testing.



ADISA Research Centre is an independent forensic laboratory under ADISA Certification provides data sanitisation product validation services. ADISA is an Industry accreditation scheme for companies who provide IT Asset Disposal services.

Securaze Work, Remote and Mobile erasure solution has undergone rigorous testing and evaluation with both Test Level 1 and 2. Securaze has passed and been certified for Securaze Work, Remote and Mobile targeting all HDD, SSD, and all mobile device erasure.



TUV has based up on TUV Saarland Audit Standard Software, Legal requirement for data protection and principle of state of the art IT-Securtiy measure in accordance to important aspect of the IT security guidelines of German Federal Office for IT Security (BSI) and international standard for information Security Management System such as ISO/IEC 27001.

Securaze Work and Securaze Mobile has been certified with TUV certificate number TK43552 and TK43673 respectively.


BSI – Federal Office for Information Security

BSI - Federal Cyber Security Authority of Germany shapes information security in digitization through prevention, detection and reaction for government, business and society.

Securaze has been approved through fulfillment of strict requirements of the BSI guidelines for classified documents and audited by TÜV SÜD.



Attingo has been an expert in data recovery and data rescue for more than 24 years. As a leading provider for professional data recovery, we rescue data from defective hard drives, failed RAID and storage system, flash media such as SD-cards or USB sticks.

Securaze have gotten the validation from Attingo, the raw data read from the 32 NAND chips, which was decrypted afterwards, has no longer provided any indication of the previously created signatures. In this respect it has been proven - at least for the used SSD model - that the deletion method of the tested software also destroys those physical areas of the media, to which there is no logical access available.


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