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SECURAZE® mobile is a software solution that provides complete, smart & simple Certified auditing and data erasure of mobile devices such as iOS and Android smartphones and tablets in a TÜV certified and GDPRC compliant process.

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Two dimensions complete SECURAZE® mobile as part of the SECURAZE® suite.
Only the SECURAZE® mobile offers as part of the SECURAZE® suite complete support for all devices – tablets, Android smart phones & tablets, iPhones, iPads.
Only the SECURAZE® mobile offers as part of the SECURAZE® suite is a erasure, diagnostics and detection tool for any hardware.


That is all very complex. The SECURAZE® suite is designed to reduce this complexity with the help of smart technology.

Thanks to the innovative SECURAZE® technology, data erasure begins after just seconds.

Technical specifications including serial numbers are automatically detected and printed on a label.

The data that SECURAZE® mobile gathers can be exported (asset tools and ERP systems).

A digital trusted SSL signature guarentees that the SECURAZE® mobile erasure reports are tamper-proof.

The choice is yours: SECURAZE® mobile can be conveniently used on the SECURAZE® cloud or locally without any data leaving your company.


SECURAZE® mobile (module of the SECURAZE® suite) is designed to be easy to use. Plug in the hardware, operate intuitively.

Remote desktop support is integrated in SECURAZE® mobile, the support team is always there to help you.

SECURAZE® mobile is available in many languages.

Thanks to the innovative SECURAZE® update service, you are always using the most recent version.

Technical Specifications


TÜV-certified software

Runs on 99% of all devices

32Bit and 64Bit CPUs support

Minimum requirement: 5 GB storage

Minimum requirement: free USB port for connect phone/hub

Minimum requirement: all iOS devices, version 7.0 and up

Minimum requirement: all Android devices, version 4.0 and up

Digital trusted SSL signature for tamper proof reports

PDF, Excel/CSV and zipped bulk export reports support

Diagnose functionality support

Automated tests support

iOS support

Android support

Mobile native Windows client support

Detect installed SIM cards

Detect eSIM

Account detection

Find my phone check (FMiP)

Detect rooted device

Proprietary SSD+Flash erasure method SEC 2018-SSD FM (dedicated Flash/SSD erase method)

Worldwide first Android advanced erasure support (high security erasure, firmware replacement)

Additional custom fields (e.g. customer inventory number,…)

Hardware information: Serialnumber, IMEI1, IMEI2, CPU, GPU, Ram, Color, StorageSize


Full-featured responsive WEB-UI

Only a successful erasure/diagnostic consumes a license

Cloud label printer support (no VPN required)

Label print (Zebra and Godex) support

Trusted IP whitelisting for enhanced security and convenient login

Take documentation photos of device with attached webcam

E-mail notifications (e.g. for finished erasure, failed erasures, …) support

Take documentation photos of device with SECURAZE-companion App

Semi- and full- automated workflows (e.g. erasing process, label print, serialnumber matching,…)

iOS automatic device activation support

Customizable verification-level after erasure

Automated shutdown after successful erasure (device with failed erasures stay running)

API connectors import/export (Webhook) support

Firmware caching & sharing support

MS-SQL database connector support

Full mobile data erasure with SEC 2018-SSD FM method (additional to factory reset – iOS and Android)

Bypass iOS setup screen support

Custom data and logos on reports

Identification of marketing-brand-name

Proxy configuration support


Automatic iOS Firmware Download & Update

One license for all SECURAZE modules

Unlimited erasures/diagnosis within 30 days for the same device with only one license consumption

Same ‚look & feel‘ across all SECURAZE products

No dongles (HASP) required for offline licensing

Automatic-software-update support

Download of SECURAZE images and tools directly from WEB-UI • All updates included

Access android devices without additional drivers

Phone, e-mail and remote screensharing support

Cloud license management

Naming of USB hubs and USB ports individually customizable

Shows Android API names

Erase/Diagnose multiple devices parallel support

Erase/Diagnose reports permanent available in SECURAZE cloud

Multilanguage support