The mobile erasure & diagnostic solution for your devices at scale to ensure compliance and maximum value.

Securaze mobile provides secure data erasure and device diagnostic specially built for device end of lifecycle.

Telco, Mobile Processors, Mobile Traders, Mobile Repair and OEMs all benefit from the modern approach delivered by Securaze Mobile offering a wide array of secure data erasure options to meet security requirements while providing intelligent device diagnostics specifically built for repair, remanufactured or device end-of-life.

 Each device processed by Secure Mobile automatically generates a tamper-proof erasure report. Erasure report will serve as an audit proof to meet the local and global data protection regulation. Securaze Mobile executes high-volume processing of your mobile devices at scale, ensuring security and compliance, while delivering maximum value by leveraging innovative new technologies, processes and a robust technology partner ecosystem.

Advantages of using

Securaze Mobile

  • Only solution on the market certified by Common Criteria EAL2+, TUV and ADISA
  • Smart licenses – only successful erasures are counted
  • iOS Parts Validation — industry’s most comprehensive identification of OEM vs. Non-OEM parts, including firmware spoofing
  • Digitally signed Erasure report - secure geomapping to affirm processing location for auditing
  • Modern UI/UX to streamline onboarding and reduce operator errors
  • Only solution on the market to diagnose Sonim phones

Technical Specification


Installation on Windows or Mac systems

“Zero Touch” support for iOS automatic activation (“Hello to Home”) 

Automatic Trusted App for iOS

Support for 2-Way APIs 

Support PDF, Excel/CSV and Zipped bulk export reports 

Native FMiP (Find My iPhone) Check preventing the need for 3rd party costs

First solution on the market to provide accurate MDM/DEP Identification

Reenvisioned diagnostic testing

3rd Party integrations

Support Cosmetic Grading function

Smart erasure verification

Label Printing capability with customized layout

Barcode or QR code generation with company logo

SIMLock, Samsung, Blacklist, Carrier ID, Warranty and TAC Check via 3rd Party integrations 


Data Clear, Data Erasure and Secure Verification to meet all security postures

Clear and transparent erasure and diagnostic process flow with audit trail

Digital signature for tamper-proof audit report

Secure geomapping of erasure reported to ensure processing chain-of-custody

Support iOS Cryptographic Erase 

Support 2FA

Identifies spoofed iOS firmwares by Region 

iOS Parts Validation — identification of OEM vs. Non-OEM parts


Easy start up with user guided tour

Automatic iOS firmware download & Update

Unlimited Erasure & Diagnostic within 30 days for same device

Automatic software update

Cloud-based management

Support 60+ devices erasure

Modern user friendly interface allows operators to work efficiently and accurately


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