Mobile Operations
by Securaze

Trust our mobile solution to erase your devices securely and optimize
their value at scale. Explore how Securaze Mobile expedites device
diagnostics and data erasure.

Mobile Operations

Ensure compliance and secure data
erasure for smartphones and tablets

Securaze Mobile is a game-changer in the mobile industry, delivering a modern approach to secure data erasure and intelligent device diagnostics. Our innovative solution benefits Telcos, Mobile Processors, Mobile Traders, Mobile Repair, and OEMs with a wide range of secure data erasure options that meet stringent security requirements while providing intelligent device diagnostics designed for device repair, remanufacturing, or end-of-life.

We execute high-volume processing of mobile devices, ensuring security and compliance while leveraging innovative technologies, processes, and a robust technology partner ecosystem to deliver maximum value. Our Securaze Mobile Ops solution challenges the status quo, addressing the industry's evolving challenges. Our solutions are intuitive and address key industry needs with optimal processes, asset valuations, and a focus on sustainability.

Securaze Mobile

Designed and built for speed, scale,
security, and convenience.

Secure data erasure and device diagnostics specially built for smartphones and
tablets. Securaze Mobile supports Android and iOS operating systems.

Streamlined mobile data erasure with modern UI/UX

Our modern UI/UX design simplifies workflows and reduces operator errors. The user-friendly interface streamlines mobile data erasure and diagnostics, minimizing the risk of human error.

Exclusive, tamper-proof certification

Stay compliant with local, regional, and global data protection regulations. Our tamper-proof certificate can be customized for mobile devices. Furthermore, you will only be charged for successful erasures - and we offer a 30-day redemption period as well.

Comprehensive support and cost reduction

You get unrestricted access to multilingual support across multiple channels including chat, email, and phone. Securaze Mobile's smart licensing only charges for successful erasure with 30-day reuse rights.

Introducing Securaze Mobile Diagnose

 Securaze Mobile Diagnose

Securaze Mobile Diagnose is a comprehensive solution designed to simplify the evaluation process for smartphones and tablets. With both automatic and manual test cases tailored for different operating systems (iOS or Android), it offers flexibility and accuracy in assessing device performance.

By leveraging Mobile Diagnose, customers gain numerous benefits for grading and classifying their devices. Seamlessly manage reuse, repurposing, and reselling by efficiently determining the condition and functionality of each device. Our diagnostic tests provide valuable insights into vital components such as the screen, battery, camera, connectivity features, and more.

Why use
Securaze Mobile?

Our solution covers many use cases and is complete, intuitive, and secure.

User convenience is a priority

  • "Zero Touch" support for iOS automatic activation ("Hello to Home")
  • First solution on the market to provide accurate MDM/DEP identification
  • Automated update service and automated shutdown
  • Smart licenses and erasure verification

Intuitive approach to tech solutions

  • Modern, user-friendly interface allows operators to work efficiently
  • Unlimited erasure & diagnostic within 30 days for the same device
  • Automatic software updates and firmware downloads
  • Centralized cloud-based management

Secure beyond measure

  • Data Clear, Data Erasure, and Secure Verification meet all security postures
  • Clear and transparent erasure and diagnostic process flow with audit trail
  • Secure geo-mapping of erasure reported to ensure processing chain-of-custody
  • Digital signature for tamper-proof audit report

Learn what our customers have to say about Securaze Mobile

Markus Grasel
Markus Grasel

Head of Workspace at A1

Mag. Dieter Jandl
Mag. Dieter Jandl

CEO at addIT by Atos

Markus Sparer
Markus Sparer

ÖBB-Business Competence Center

We rely on Securaze solutions to securely, efficiently, and certifiably delete all notebooks and smartphones no longer used internally by A1, before they are recycled.

Securaze has significantly simplified our handling of end-of-life technology. We can manage, centrally, when and how we can delete the data on any of our devices before they are recycled or refurbished.

Through Securaze's solutions, we ensure a GDPR-compliant, certified, and secure erasure of all data on our IT equipment when it is end-of-life or replaced.

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