For employees working from home, a coffee shop, or on the beach — erase data on your device, anytime, anywhere.

Endpoint devices, such as desktops and notebooks, are often the focus of cybercriminals.

As more employees move to working from home, at a coffee house, or anywhere remote, it is critical that sensitive information about your business, customers, and employees not fall into the wrong hands. With Securaze Remote Operations, IT teams can enlist a certified data erasure service, complete with a tamper-proof audit trail for devices outside the office that need to be properly sanitized prior to return, resell, repurpose, or disposal.

Advantages of using

Securaze Remote

  • Capture asset info and start erasures in a matter of seconds.
  • Smart licenses – only successful erasures are counted.
  • Easy deployment via ServiceNow, Intune, AD GPO, Weblink or USB.
  • Modern UI/UX optimized with the end-user in mind.
  • Digitally signed Erasure report for auditing.
  • Meet and comply with local, regional and global data protection regulation.


  • Simple distribution of erasure software via download link, USB, MSI or 3rd party enterprise systems
  • Easy user journey for end users to follow
  • Zero-touch point erasure automation with gated credential
  • Automatic identification of hardware details
  • Automated update service
  • Remote support integration
  • Automated shutdown


  • ADISA, TUV and Common Criteria EAL2+ Certifications
  • 2-factor authentication (2FA)*
  • Central monitoring and control
  • Remove BIOS passwords automatically
  • Tamper-proof audit trail with centralized storage of erasure reports
  • Meet local, regional and global data protection regulation


  • Support Windows 10 and macOS
  • Meets DoD and NIST erasure standards
  • Domain level log-in, bulk pre-registration or offline deployment via USB or MSI
  • Integration with ServiceNow, Intune, Active
  • Directory and 3rd party systems via APIs
  • Integration with Windows infrastructure from clients to server
  • Meets DoD and NIST erasure standards
  • Customized white-labeling

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