For employees working from home, a coffee shop, or on the beach — erase data on any device, anytime, anywhere.  

Control erasure & diagnostic from a centralized location 

IT teams can launch a certified data erasure service with a tamper-proof audit trail when devices outside the office need to be erased for reselling, repurposeing, or disposal. 


Easy Deployment 

Secure data erasure is as easy as sending an email or complete control of your data when equipment is lost or stolen.


Secure Every Asset 

When equipment is used by remote employees needs to be returned or exchanged, don’t rely on factory reset to secure your data. Erase data on scheduled dates or send instructions to users so they can erase data themselves before sending it back.  


Complete Control 

Monitor every asset regardless of the location with workflow-based triggers. Just one administrator can launch a simultaneous and decentralized erasure process across thousands of servers.  


UI/UX design

Designed as a simple and intuitive experience for users of all levels. Powerful, yet minimalistic; the Remote operations app is ready to go right out of the box.

Central monitoring and full control to secure every asset



Central Monitoring
Full Control
World-class UI/UX


Integration with Windows infrastructure from client to server 

Deletion without USB/PXE Boot 

Check deletion process (start, pause, cancel, progress status) 

Simultaneous erasure of virtual servers 

Remove BIOS passwords automatically* 

Active Directory Integration 

Transmission of complete Hardware information 

Transmission of deletion & diagnostic reports   

Label Print  

API integration (e.g. ServiceNow)* 

Automatic Update Service 

Remote support integration 

Automated Shutdown 

Workflow based triggers 

2-factor authentication (2FA)* 


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