The most complete solution to guarantee data protection and security.

Stay compliant across the data lifecycle - online, offline or remote.

Securaze Work is built for Enterprise and Government organization, Securaze guarantees data sanitization and retention compliance for all IT assets delivering certified data erasure for laptop, PCs, Server, Storage, loose HDD/SSD and external drives.

Advantages of using

Securaze Work

  • Capture asset info and start erasures in a matter of seconds.
  • Smart licenses – only successful erasure are counted.
  • Ready integration with ServiceNow, JSON, Makor ERP, Kloudless, etc.
  • Unlimited erasures and diagnostics within 30 days for the same device.
  • Digitally signed Erasure report for auditing.
  • Meet and comply with local, regional and global data protection regulation. 

Technical Specification 


Simple download of Securaze images and tools directly from the Dashboard

Bold screensaver emphasizes erasure progress

Quick and precise grading

Automation by way of settings, customer, and device profiles

Single ISO-image for all assets (custom parameters set in Dashboard)

Automatic software updates

Automatic collection of hardware information

Easily capture photos, videos and audio with the Securaze Motion app

Modern code and user interface designed to increase productivity and reduce operator error


GDPR compliant

TÜV and ADISA certified

Common Criteria EAL2+ in process

Attingo expert opinion

Digital trusted SSL signature for tamper proof reports

Offline erasure without the need for dongles or HASP keys

Erase special disk areas (DCO, HPA and remapped sectors)

Customizable verification-level after erasure

Trusted IP whitelisting for enhanced security

20+ erasure algorithms ensure compliance with international standards including NIST, DoD, HMG/CESG, BSI and more


Administrator access permissions – Remote Access Control

Automated workflows

USB, PXE and Hybrid boot support (UEFI and Legacy BIOS)

3rd party Linux support for – Securaze Command station (PXE server)

Active Directory, MS SQL support

SMART attributes and diagnostics

Secure Boot support (no need to disable)

Bitlocker support (no need to disable)

No need to reformat enterprise SSDs due to block sizes

Storage system support for non-standard block sizes

RAID detection and dismantling (logical and physical asset info)

XML, JSON, PDF, Excel, CSV, and zipped bulk export of reports

Comprehensive support over email, phone, chat or remote control


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