Intuitive, secure, and complete erasure for any workplace device 

Diagnose, manage, and secure asset vulnerabilities across the entire data lifecycle. 

Securaze provides businesses with a simple way to launch a GDPR-compliant audit and data erasure process for every type of device so they can reduce risk, optimize security and compliance operations, and certify each drive is sanitized for reselling, repurpose, or disposal.  



Integrate Securaze Workplace into your current asset management workflows to automatically collect critical information and erase any device in a matter of seconds.  



Eliminate data leakage across the organization with a GDPR-compliant, TÜV-certified erasure process complete with a tamper-proof certificate of erasure to easy compliance.



Runs on 99% of all devices and simple licensing means you’re only charged for successful erasures and can use each license unlimited for up to 30 days.  

Certified asset and data end-of-life erasure within the Enterprise


Physical level — servers, HDDs, SSDs

Server decommissioning 
Tech refresh 
End of lease 
Return test systems 
Break fix (RMA) 

Logical level — LUNs, SANs 

Data migration 
Customer exit - Cloud Exit 
VM life cycles 
Repurposing system storage 
Temporary data 
Data retention policies 

Virtual Level — VMs, VApps 

Powerful technology customized for your organization. 

Securaze® Workplace is built to give your organization access to the leading erasure and diagnostic technology on your terms.

Cloud or local deploy  
Additional custom fields 
Advanced custom workflow support 
Customizable verification-level after erasure 
API connectors import/export (Webhook) support 
MS-SQL database connector support 
Custom data and logos on reports 

HDD (ATA, SATA, eSATA, SCSI) support 

SSD (SATA, eSATA, eMMC, M.2, NVMe, Enterprise SSD in Storages)

USB pen drives 

Storage-system (SAS connected)  

Desktops (Windows & Mac — including T2 chips, Apple Silicon) 


Chrome books 



Teams can diagnose, manage, and secure data vulnerabilities across the entire asset lifecycle 

Automatic-software-update support 

Keyboard, mouse and shortcuts 

PDF, Excel/CSV and zipped bulk export reports support 

Automatic collection of hardware information: Serialnumber, Chassis, CPU, GPU, Ram, Motherboard, Display, Storages, Webcam, Bluetooth, WWAN, WiFi, Optical Drives, MAC-Adress, Max. Resolution…) 

Hybrid boot support (UEFI and LEGACY - BIOS) 

Easy self-maintenance of ISO images on control machine (PXE Server) 

USB boot support 

3rd party Linux image support on control machine (PXE Server) 

Support storage-systems with non-standard blocksizes (like 520 and 4k bytes)  

PXE boot support  

Drive only erasure reports (without any asset-information) 

Erase/Diagnose multiple devices parallel support 

E-mail notifications (e.g. for finished erasure, failed erasures, …) 

Semi- and full- automated workflows (e.g. erasing process, label print, serialnumber matching,…)  

Proprietary SSD+Flash erasure method SEC 2018-SSD FM (dedicated Flash/SSD erase method) 

Label print (Zebra and Godex) support 

Trusted IP whitelisting for enhanced security and convenient login 

No dongles (HASP) required for offline licensing 

Take documentation photos of device with SECURAZE-companion App 

Only one ISO-image required (custom parameters in WEB-UI) 

Offline erasure without the need for dongles 

Automated shutdown after successful erasure (device with failed erasures stay running) 

Automatic set correct BIOS time support  

Freeze Lock Removal“ (FLR) support 

Automatic open DVD tray eject to ensure drive is empty 

On-Premise self-installation available (SECURAZE control station for PXE-Boot and printer agent) 

WiFi connections support 

Download of SECURAZE images and tools directly from WEB-UI 

Raid kill support  

Erase/Diagnose reports permanent available in SECURAZE cloud  

Cloud license management 

32Bit and 64Bit CPUs support 

Cloud label printer support (no VPN required) 


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